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Bridal Makeup & Hair Consultations /  Trial FAQs

What should I expect during my bridal makeup and hair consultation/trial?


We will look at your inspiration pictures and discuss colors and style. We will map out one or more specific “looks”, based on your plans for engagement/bridal photos, in addition to the wedding. Please share with us what details are most important to you or any concerns you may have.


Our goal for this meeting is to let you get to know us and our work, and to begin to earn your trust, so you can make the decision if we are the right artists for Your Big Day!


During our time together, we will discuss all the details and we will also apply your photo-ready wedding day “look”, so you can see a sampling of our work.


You try different looks, until you get that picture perfect look that is just right for YOU!


Can you duplicate a makeup/hair "look" from pictures in a magazine or online?

Absolutely! In fact, we prefer to see pictures of makeup/hairstyles you love! If you do not have pictures, we have pictures you can choose from or allow us to use our creativity.


What kinds/brands of products do you use? Is this makeup good for pictures or photography?

Looking in our kit, you will find quite a variety of brands, some you will probably recognize (NARS, MAC, Make Up For Ever, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, YSL, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Anastasia) and others you may not (Ben Nye, Graftobian, Eve Pearl).


We will use only tried-and-true products made for professional makeup artists and hairstylists, or of professional quality.  We have combinations of creams, liquids, powders – to airbrush makeup (the highest rated makeup for brides). From this large selection, we will choose the right products for YOU, your face shape, eye shape, skin type, skin tone and your desired style.


We will take pictures of your new look and write down all the colors and products we used on you, so we can duplicate that exact look on your wedding day, so there will be no surprises!


A trial can also give you the chance to photograph yourself in the “look” and see how you feel! When we do a bridal trial, we suggest the bride look at herself in both natural and artificial lighting and take pictures both with and without flash.


Can you work with skin allergies/severe acne/surgical scars?

Of course! If you have a skin issue that is of concern to you, please let us know. What can seem like a HUGE problem to you, will likely be common to us.


Mention any and all product allergies at your trial run, and if you are on any medications.


How do I prepare my skin for the makeup trial?

Never underestimate the importance of skincare preparation to ensure a clean, fresh, natural looking makeup canvas. Thorough skin prepping will ensure your foundation (the makeup base) glides on smoothly for what should result in flawless coverage.


Your wedding makeup only looks as good as your underlying skin. Even if you have a perfect complexion, the few days before your wedding may not be a good time for a facial. Even good complexions may flare up under the pressures of wedding planning. Deep facial massage and manipulation can cause redness and bumps that may not go away in time for your wedding day. If it is in your budget, ideally it would be wonderful to plan several facials beginning at least 6 weeks before your wedding and up to 5 days before the special day. This kind of scheduling will allow your skin a chance to recover and minimize stress-related eruptions.


We highly recommend you have a facial before your wedding day. You can do a facial as late as the day before your wedding because there is little-to-no redness and no inflammation.


What about eyebrow contouring?

Even though they may seem very insignificant, the shape of your eyebrows can actually change the appearance of your face. The most important thing to remember is that well-groomed eyebrows tend to be the best option for weddings, especially if you want to try to maintain your natural appearance.


Do not over tweeze or overly wax eyebrows! It is not natural looking and can make the face look too harsh.


Keep the brow shape classic, and as close to your natural growth pattern as possible, to create a classic, yet elegant look on your wedding day. You should probably have them done professionally, but it is okay if you are a pro with the tweezers or if you want to try an eyebrow stencil.


No matter what the case, you should allow your eyebrows enough time to regrow before the wedding, just in case you do not like the basic shape that you choose or they do not end up turning out as you had hoped.


What is the timeframe for the trial?

Allow at least 90 minutes for the trial.


What’s next?

We charge for the consultation/trial. Pricing is per appointment. Call for more information 804-266-4564


If you agree to hire us, we will provide you with a contract, and we will discuss what it will take to reserve our  services for your BIG DAY. We require a deposit to hold the date.

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