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Shawna had an eye for art and creativity starting as a young girl. She enrolled in numerous art classes throughout her school years and also participated in beauty pageants, dance, gymnastics, and competitive cheerleading, all of which allowed her to show her artistic and expressive side.  Shawna’s love for artwork transitioned into her love for makeup, hair and style.

Shawna developed her own makeup team in 2016 to provide makeup and hair services for fitness competitions. Shawna herself started to compete in bodybuilding competitions and fitness modeling over 15 years ago. Her talent started to be noticed which led to others requesting her to do their stage makeup as well.

Shawna has participated as a sponsored makeup team for many different bodybuilding shows in the VA/MD/DC area.

Shawna believes strongly that beauty comes from within.

"Makeup is an art, a passion, an expression."

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