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Mary has been passionate about makeup starting at a very young age, taking her mom's red Estee Lauder lipstick and applying it, literally all over her face. By the age of eight years old she was stealing her mother’s makeup and wearing it to school; by twelve she started building a collection of her own. When she started high school she grew more fascinated with the artistic and editorial side of makeup and would sit in front of her mirror, for hours, with her laptop next to her on her floor watching YouTube tutorials. She went to college at West Virginia University as a psychology major and found that doing her makeup for a night on the town was the only thing that interested her there. That’s when she decided to drive 4 hours home every weekend to work for Estée Lauder and Clinique at Macy’s. When the summer came around she decided to stay home and focus on her career in the beauty industry. Since then, she's worked for many wonderful cosmetic companies such as Estée Lauder, Clinique, NYX, and Laura Mercier. She also worked on Bombshell Salon’s bridal team and tackled a freelance business of her own. Currently, she's working her dream job at Sephora while she finishes up in Esthetic’s school at the Lotus Institute. Dreams really do come true when you fight hard for them. She looks forward to meeting you and enhancing your natural beauty for your special occasion! 

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