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Drishty has ten years of experience as Hair, Makeup, and SFX Artist. I have worked on the show called The Hunt and True Crime Documentaries. I also worked on various Feature Films, Short Films, Commercials, Theater, Runway, Editorials, live events, and cosmetic counters such as M.A.C. and ULTA. My positions varied from being an assistant to being a Dept Head or Key MUA/SFX on over twenty plus projects. All are reflected on my resume, IMDB, and social media. Recently, my work has been published in Harper's Bazaar. I have worked on various celeberties to high officials on various projects. 


As an Artist, I have specialized my skills by obtaining knowledge in the area of health, nutrition, diet, fitness, and functional medicine. These tools aids in perfecting my craft. In Film and TV, I have keen knowledge in frame, lighting, and composition that aids in designing the looks for a character and scene. 

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