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“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you perform well.” – Brittany Johnson

BJohn is a Richmond, Virginia based makeup artist.  Her passion for makeup started at a very young age, and started her makeup career, prior to finishing cosmetology school.  BJohn is a licensed cosmetologist and has been working on a professional level for over 3 years.

Over the course of three years, BJohn has grown in her career immensely. She started her makeup career doing local weddings. She’s also had the opportunity to travel and connect with individuals that have influenced her career.  Working along with the legendary Global Ambassador for Paul Mitchell, Floyd Kenyatta, allowed the opportunity to visualize the beauty industry in a more powerful manner.  BJohn worked closely with Kenyatta with building knowledge of the cosmetology industry and accompanied him to shows such as the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show 2015.  BJohn later expanded her skills by participating in the RAW Artists of RVA Show fall and accompanied a local designer in Pittsburg Fashion Week.  Both opportunities allowed her to expand her skills in fashion and also character makeup.  She has also expanded her business knowledge attending the WMBA Las Vegas 2015 for the wedding industry.  She continues to take the time to grow in her profession with consistent opportunities of training and travel.

BJohn is available for various onsite makeup artistry needs for female and male, including daily makeup, special occasions, photoshoots, editorial, print and more.  She also specializes in airbrush makeup, leaving flawless looks for any occasion.  Her training, experience and passion in the industry has evolved in a manner in which she is willing to create your desired look.

BJohn is fully aware of how it feels to look good and the impact it has on one’s performance.  She enjoys listening to her clients, advising them and creating customized looks on a consistent basis.  She is well known for her range of skills and abilities to create multiple looks.  With also having her Bachelors of Science in Social work, she is able to establish long lasting relationships with her clients and meet the needs deeper than the surface.  BJohn truly enjoys her passion and wants to ensure she shares her gift with everyone.

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