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Anetra is a certified Personal Stylist, Wardrobe/Image Consultant, and Personal Shopper based in Richmond, VA, who has been styling and consulting professionally since 2014.


Anetra is the epitome of professionalism, great fashion aesthetics, and encouraging clients to care about their personal styles and images. 


Anetra is in partnership with "It Takes 2" dating service to provide styling services for those who need assistance during their quest for love.  She is the lead stylist for “Makeup by Holly Beauty Partners”. 


Anetra’s goal is to inspire those through her knowledge, her eye for picking the best clothing and accessories to fit one’s brand, body type, personality and personal style; and, to encourage people to invest in themselves.  Above all, Anetra strives to invigorate, build confidence, and provide exquisite styling which will also translate to beautiful images on camera and in everyday life.

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