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As a Portrait Photographer, pressing the shutter lets me live closer to the moments and to document the people in them. Creating an unforgettable experience for my clients is at the heart of what drives me. A session that allows you to feel pampered like a supermodel, feel "seen" and to have fun letting your personality out in front of a camera is my goal in every session.  I want to take the absolute best image of you that you've ever seen.


​My knack for getting my clients to truly have fun on the shoot, to let go of their resistance, and be present always seems to create a "I enjoyed that so much more than I thought I would" response.  My job is to pose you in the most flattering way possible-all I need is for you to trust and give over to the experience.  There is a dynamic of photographer and subject that is peaceful and in total agreement. I learn so much about my clients and their stories through the lens. I capture my clients  the ever-changing beauty of light, and the emotion of being alive. love the feeling of honoring the beauty in things: special moments, places, relationships, nature, and above all, the inner spirit of people. The space that exists with a person or a couple when I am photographing them is exquisite to me.


 As a kid I loved going to the drugstore to get my film developed. I  remember the eager anticipation as I awaited the date I could pick up my order and pull the pile of photos out of the envelope for the big “reveal.” It was a magical process to me and to this day, though a digital experience, the excitement and magic is very much still there.  As a photographer, I am artist and a storyteller. Capturing life in imagery is how I choose to live.  It is joy for me to know that the photographs I take for my clients will live on for reflect on the beauty of their lives and for them to share through generations.

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