B.Ross began her exciting career in cosmetology in 2009 at her Alma mater Empire Beauty School. Upon graduating she decided to obtain her business license and operate as an independent contractor working with and styling some of RVA’s most talented Artists. With a focus on Bridal Makeup & Hair she coined the term “Blushed” as a synonym for a polished look; B’s clients would soon start the phrase “I’ve been Blushed by B.Ross”. Throughout her years in the industry B’s work has been published in magazines including Black Hair Magazine, Vogue Italia, & Richmond Bride. She’s partnered with many photographers, provided services for commercials & national campaigns, & was an educator for Empire Beauty & Chesterfield Technical Center. Her belief is that you CAN be a master of many things and enjoys all aspects of hair care & transformation. Specializing in Textured (Natural Hair), Hair Color, & Haircutting her wish is to spread beauty, bliss, & BLUSH to all!